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We want to hear from you

Here's your chance to be heard! We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us for any questions, concerns, suggestions or advice regarding our business and products! Your opinion matters!


Do you have what it takes to be a SMOOSHer? We are always looking for energetic and motivated individuals to join our growing team. Email us your resume along with some information about yourself and why you think you are a good fit for SMOOSH.

SMOOSH #1 - Houston, TX Heights (NOW OPEN!)

SMOOSH #3 - College Station, TX (NOW OPEN!)

SMOOSH #5 - College Station, TX #2 (COMING SOON!!)

SMOOSH #2 - Houston, TX - Westchase (NOW OPEN!)

SMOOSH #4 - Plantation, FL  (NOW OPEN!!)

SMOOSH #6 - Canton, OH (COMING SOON!!)


SMOOSH is an innovative restaurant concept that combines the best of two beloved, time tested 

dessert staples into one customizable sweet treat. As customizable as our product is, we are constantly 

striving to be on the cutting edge of dessert food innovation; to be the standard bearer in this new market. 

Our company was founded in the age of social media, by millennials, and built to thrive as a brick and 

mortar mainstay in the digital economy. 

We are seeking dedicated, innovative franchisees to join our family as we write the next chapter of the 

SMOOSH story. Ideal candidates are owner/operators who are passionate about the SMOOSH brand and 

share our vision, with a relevant business background, or significant food service experience. If a 

franchisee plans to take on more of a passive role, we strongly recommend having a sweat equity 

partner to take on the role of principal operator.

Future franchisees should have a thorough understanding of their desired market, and plan to dedicate 

their full effort to operating their SMOOSH franchise.

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