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Why we like to SMOOSH

I started SMOOSH in the Spring of 2015 out of a big teal truck in the streets of Houston, Texas. Growing up, I was always looking for something that would satisfy my sweet tooth, then I found comfort in cookies! I blame all this on my grandma for having such extraordinary baking skills. She always tried to get me into the kitchen to help her bake but instead, I would stick my tongue out claiming baking was boring or so I wanted her to think.

As hard as I tried though, my nose and tummy kept bringing me back in to the kitchen. From my super great hiding spot in the doorway, I’d watch my grandma gracefully mix together ingredients to make her delicious cookies. She’d play along as if she didn’t notice me but there always seemed to be cookie dough on the edge of the counter for me to stealthily grab at and quickly pop into my mouth!

Now all grown up, I’ve decided to spoil the rest of the world with my favorite childhood dessert. I also decided to step it up a notch and compliment the cookies with ice cream, using high-quality premium ingredients. Being the environmentally friendly person that I am, I’ve done away with the spoon and decided to "SMOOSH" the ice cream between 2 freshly baked cookies to create the ultimate to-go dessert, a custom ice cream cookie sandwich!

My goal is not to reinvent an American classic dessert but to make it more personal by adding options. With Houston's diverse food culture and extreme hot months, I knew there was a need! Come swing by your nearest SMOOSH store and let our team of SMOOSHers create that one of a kind ice cream sandwich for you. We guarantee you will have a SMOOSH-tastic experience, or your money back!

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